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    Référence Roc KC Pro OOP/PFN Ken Climo Stamp
    Roc KC Pro OOP/PFN Ken Climo Stamp

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    Prix : 65,00 € T.T.C
    Roc KC Pro OOP/PFN Ken Climo Stamp

    Classification: Mid-Range Disc
    Diameter: 21.7cm
    Weight Range: 150 class to 180 grams
    Brief Description: KC Roc is made in a firm blend of Pro Line plastic for players who prefer a stiffer disc. It will retain original flight characteristics longer than the DX Roc.
    Available Plastics: DX, KC Pro (Stiff), Super (Pro Line), Champion
    Best Choice for: Experienced players utility disc, hyzer shots, anhyzer shots, turnover shots when worn, sidearm approaches, players who like to carry several versions of the same disc in various states of wear.

    About the Roc
    The Roc is simply the best, most versatile mid-range disc ever made. It provides accuracy at any range. This disc can take and hold the angle of release, even into a headwind. It can be used for driving, upshots, straight shots, hyzer shots or anhyzers. The Roc ages gradually and predictably. If you’re not sure what disc to throw, choose the Roc; just like most pros. Prefered Mid-Range disc of 11-Time World Chapion, Ken Climo.

    About INNOVA's Pro Line Plastic
    INNOVA’S Pro Line is manufactured using a special blend of plastics and are designed to provide unique qualities for each available model. These quality discs offer increased durability over discs made in our DX plastic and provide an enhanced grip when compared to the Champion plastic. Our Pro Line of discs provide additional glide when compared to all our other disc lines and are more affordable than our premium Champion Line discs. The special blends of our Pro Line plastic can produce discs in a wide range of rigidity, from the extremely soft and flexible Pro Rhyno or JK Aviar to the stiff, firm plastic of the KC Pro Aviar. Regardless of the firmness of the disc, all of the INNOVA Pro Line models offer unique gripablity. Many Pro Line discs are also available in colorful I-Dye designs. Some models are now available for custom hot stamping.

    14 out of 15 INNOVA Pros have at least one Roc in their bag. Many have 4 or 5.

    Avery Jenkins says: "very predicable controlled midrange used for medium length shots with pin point accuacy. The best midrange disc in the game."