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    Référence Puck Mini Skull
    Puck Mini Skull
    Two interlocking mini disc models that fly.

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    Prix : 6,00 € T.T.C
    Puck Mini by Small Axe

    The Small Axe Puck is a secure storage container formed by Small Axe's two interlocking mini disc models that fly. The discs lock together using a patent-pending design for a tight and secure fit that is unmatched, with a storage cavity approximately 3 3/8" around by 3/4" deep.

    The Puck is water resistant for secure storage of anything you want to keep clean and dry. Despite the tight fit created by these two interlocking discs, the Puck opens easily by wedging the putter edge upward. Molded from buoyant food-grade plastic and snapped together with a water resistant seal, the discs individually float in water and the Puck set floats carrying all but the heaviest cargo.

    Small Axe is bringing disc culture to the mainstream with this innovative, fun, and utility-minded product. Makes a great gift or accessory for discers and soon-to-be discers alike!


    • Puck consists of 2 interlocking mini discs

    • Diameter: 3 3/8" par 3/4" profondeur.